Masters: First Drama Social

Again, it wasn’t as bad as I thought! I think I really need to get a grip and stop worrying about stuff. I’m beginning to feel eczema behind my knee, a sure sign I’m more stressed than I realise!

My first impressions of drama people is that there are LOTS of them. There must have been 100 people at the social, which just blew my mind; as social sec of the zumba society at my undergrad uni (Sheffield) I struggled to get 5 people to show up! Drama people are also, naturally, very outgoing and friendly which is awesome! There was also lots of people there who didn’t know many people so I ended up talking to lots of different people.

I arrived at 8pm and immediately a tiny French/Russian girl called Leena started talking to me, which was very nice because I’m not good at that sort of thing. Then we picked up our membership cards, and went to sit down and have a chat. Shortly some other girls joined us, and before we knew it there was about ten people on the table, all getting to know one another. They all decided they were going to go to some other bars (the first one called the Orange Grove, and the second called Font, it serves cocktails; yum!). I was looking forward to Font, but unfortunately me and Leena were sort of abandoned. We were playing a game of pool (terribly I might add) at the Orange Grove and the rest of the girls were talking to some guys they knew, but then I noticed them starting to leave. We hadn’t finished our game so we carried on playing, me expecting one of them to notice we weren’t with them. They didn’t. I’m sure they didn’t do it on purpose, but they left without us which was a bit of a bummer.ย 

It was a blessing in disguise, however, because I had been tempted to stay out longer before that happened, even though it was much cheaper for me to get the last train home rather than a taxi in the early hours of the morning. Because they’d left, me and Leena decided to go home.ย 

All in all, enjoyable but a bit anti-climactic.

Apparently there are some auditions next week for some plays, so I’m gonna try out for them if I can get any information.

I’m glad I went, so it’s not all bad!

Gingernut xx


Let me know if you have any thoughts! :]

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