I’m Back (after a busy birthday weekend!)

I was absent there for a while, sorry about that!

I’ve had a pretty busy weekend really; it was my birthday yesterday so on Saturday we went out to Pitcher and Piano for cocktails which was ace. My friends had decided they wanted to all wear top hats which was awesome. Pitcher and Piano must have received a memo, because they had top hat pitchers on the menu! It was meant to be! 🙂 What’s even better is they tasted delicious, so yay! 



On Sunday we went to see Rush which I highly recommend (and not just to drool over Chris Hemsworth godly nakedness). The acting is brilliant, the tone is impartial and the story is exciting; all in all, a great evening’s entertaining. Don’t be afraid to go because it’s full of F1 ladies, it’s not really about the cars at all.

Yesterday for my actual birthday I had to wake up at 7.15am to go to uni (eurgh) but it was okay. The first lecture was supposed to be on Grant Proposals, but the lecturer spent the whole time (apart from an annoying fire alarm interrupting us) talking about PhDs! I’m not saying the information she gave us wasn’t useful, but it was not what we needed to know! We have to start writing a grant proposal in a few weeks so it would have been really nice to know how we’re supposed to do that. We do have another lecture on them next week, so maybe she’ll make up for it; fingers crossed!

When I got home my boyfriend came over, I got presents (including a paintball experience day, SO EXCITED!) and we ate Chinese whilst drinking Disaronno Amaretto. All in all, not a bad day at all!

Yours, Gingernut xx 


Let me know if you have any thoughts! :]

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