The 5:2 diet


Many of you may have heard of this new-fangled 5:2 diet — for those that haven’t, the idea is really quite simple. For two days out of five, you eat 1/4 of your daily calorie allowance (so 500 calories for women, and 600 calories for men). You can have them any way you choose, so long as you don’t exceed your limit. Now, that all sounds dandy, until you realise just how many calories are in food! Let me tell you, there’sΒ a lot.

What I will tell you, however, is that every other day of the week you can eat whatever the hell you like! So, unlike traditional diets where you see chocolate and have to tell yourself “you can’t have that….ever!“, now you can say “You can’t have that…until tomorrow πŸ˜‰“.

And not only does this diet help people to lose weight, but it is also great for cholesterol and blood pressure — my mum was on blood pressure tablets but since starting this diet, the doctor suggested that she might be able to come off them!

Therefore, I thought I’d give it a go too!

I started at ten stone eleven and I’m hoping to get down to ten stone. I started just before christmas, so about three months ago. I’ve been sort of cheating, by just going from evening to evening, rather than doing a whole day (because doing a whole day actually means your fasting for about 36 hours once you include sleep, rather than the 24 hours of evening to evening).

Despite my cheating, however, I currently weigh 10 stone 6, so YAAAY! I’m going to try from now on to do one full day of fasting, and one evening-to-evening, just to see if I can and if I lose weight a bit faster (I still don’t feel any thinner!)

I’m actually on a fasting day today, so if any of you are interested, here’s what I’m going to eat:

– 1 boiled egg (88 calories)

– Half a tin of heinz soup (between 72 and 90 calories, depending on which flavour I choose)

– 1 apple (approx. 50 calories, but it’ll say on the packet)

– 1 frozen, weight-watchers chicken and noodles ready meal (217 calories)

and that still leaves me with 55 calories left, so I can have another piece of fruit if I fancy it in the evening!

If any of you out there are doing it, or are thinking about it, let me know and we can share stories! :]

NB. the Hairy Dieters cook books are GREAT for this diet, because they show you how to cook decent portions of food for very few calories, but they’re also really tasty (and even include PIE!)



Let me know if you have any thoughts! :]

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