‘The Face’


So I’ve been watching ‘The Face’ on sky catch-up… it’s quite an eye-opener.

I thought I knew a fair bit about the modelling industry from watching many seasons of America’s Next Top Model, but that’s nothing compared to The Face.

Obviously there are personality clashes and people fail at doing jobs which look but probably aren’t very easy, but what really surprised me was the mentors.

They’re so bitchy! The way the show works is that three supermodel mentors have a team of 4 aspiring models; the supermodels decided if they wanted a girl on their team, and if more than one wanted a girl, the girl got to choose.

Each week the girls complete a job, and one team will win. Of the remaining two teams, each mentor has to send one of their members to elimination. The winning mentor gets to eliminate a girl from one of the losing teams. I think this is a really stupid way of doing it. In the very first elimination, a girl lost because she didn’t choose the winning mentor to be her mentor at the beginning of the show! It’s just cruel; this girl was probably one of the best models in the competition, but because Caroline was offended that the girl didn’t choose her, she just ended her career!



Let me know if you have any thoughts! :]

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