Masters: it can be TASKing

Ok, that might be worst title for a blog post ever, but it’s only 9.45 in the morning and I’m not yet fully functioning. Please forgive me.

So for my dissertation/thesis/whatever, I have to design a study, test participants, analyse the results and write it up. Let me tell you, not an easy thing to do!

It’s a task which spans the entire year, and I’m already in my 6th month of this course; I’ve still not completed the design of the study!

Specifically, I’ve not yet designed the task we’re going to use.

We are looking at how emotional memory consolidation changes over the sleep period, and we’re looking to see if there is a difference between good and poor sleepers; if there is, we can link it to insomnia and poor daytime functioning.

We want to show participants a set of images, half of which are ‘neutral’ and half of which are ‘negative’. We have the images, and I’ve created a document which we will give to our resident ‘e-prime’ programmer who will create the task.

Late last night, however, I received an email from my supervisor (A.K.A. Sexy Simon, from Scotland) who happily declared that the protocol needs to be changed! Now we’re going to look at how people with good and poor sleep differ on their ratings of emotional and neutral images, and the whole memory thing (which I’ve already written a tonne about in prep for writing the dissertation) is now more of a slightly interesting aside which we’ll also look at.


We are meeting this afternoon to ‘finalise’ everything, so hopefully when I get back to you this evening, things won’t be as bad as I’m currently imagining.




Let me know if you have any thoughts! :]

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