The 5:2 Diet – A Packed Lunch Fiasco

I find that the most difficult thing about the 5:2 diet is eating when I’m not in the house. Having to eat a ‘packed lunch’ really limits my options in terms of what to eat.

Usually on a fasting day I eat either a Princes French Tuna Salad or some sort of soup for lunch.

Imagine my horror when we had neither of these lunch items in the house! I had no idea what to do, but then a thought occurred to me.

“What is the healthiest food ever?”


Lo and behold, I have created a masterpiece.

At just 80 calories (including a balsamic vinegar dressing), this mini meal is not only very healthy and gives me lots of options regarding what else to eat during the day, but it’s also surprisingly bulky and filling! What I should have done was use fish instead of chicken (to get more food for my calories) but I’m in uni today and I don’t want to terrify everybody with my stinky fish breath.

Nevertheless, here is my recipe:

21g simple side salad

33g red pepper

17g celery

32g cucumber

29g cherry tomatoes

31g chicken breast

This totals 74 calories. Following this you can add a variety of dressings or sauces to make the salad a bit more interesting. For example:

2 tbsp caesar dressing = extra 60 kcal

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar = extra 6 kcal.

Although salad is an obvious choice, it never really occurred to me to make one before this morning, so I’m pleased.


Let me know if you have any thoughts! :]

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