It’s a Dangerous Day for the 5:2 Diet

I’m supposed to be fasting today, and I am (I’ve only had 220 calories today), but I have made an error.

My sister’s birthday is this weekend, and I said I’d make a cake for her present (I have no money). She’s coming up from London tomorrow evening, which means I have until then to make said cake. I’m in uni from 10-4 tomorrow, meaning I won’t get home until half 5 at the earliest, and that is simply not enough time for a cake-bake-and-decorate session.

Therefore, the cake-baking has to fall upon my fasting day. I was really hoping to avoid this, not only because I can’t help myself when delicious food is about, but when I’m baking I like to taste things to make sure that I’ve done them correctly. That’s a no-can-do today!

Another mistake is the fact that I’m baking a chocolate cake. NOM. It looks so tasty! I’ve had to employ my brother to taste the mixture and he said it’s fine, but who is he to judge really? The cakes are in the oven at the moment, but they look like they’re cooking alright.

I’ll just have to try my best to ignore the smell when I take them out…

Wish me luck! x


Let me know if you have any thoughts! :]

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