3rd Professional Extras Job

MadDog Casting, the lovely people that they are, submitted me for an extra for a new BBC production for tomorrow and Thursday; I’m very excited!

The only problem is the client haven’t yet given details of where or when the shoot is taking place – I don’t drive so am relying on public transport to get me there. I know it’s going to be in South Manchester somewhere which is close to me, so hopefully I should be able to get there, but I’m a bit concerned if they want us there at 7am and I can’t make it until 9 because public transport sucks.

Apart from that, it’s gonna be awesome I think! It’s a period drama, so that means awesome makeup and costume which I lovelovelove :]

I’ll fill you in tomorrow on the details of my first day!


Let me know if you have any thoughts! :]

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