Organizing Transport for a Film/TV shoot

Good lord, it’s difficult!

I knew that being a non-driver, getting to and from shoots would be difficult; I didn’t expect quite how hard, however!

Tomorrow I need to be in Northwich, which is only 30 minutes from my house in the car; public transport takes over 2 hours!


I don’t have many friends who drive/would be willing to drive me to my shoot, and my parents work so they can’t (it starts at 9am).

It was originally supposed to start at 6.30am which would have been literally impossible without spending a fortune on a taxi, but thankfully the world of public transport has awoken by 9 and I can get most of the way there.

I do still have to pay £15 for a taxi from the train station, however.

I guess the moral of my story is that if you get booked for a shoot that says it’s somewhere near your house, don’t let that fool you! Also, learn to drive!

I’ve had 6 lessons and it’s still quite terrifying but I’m also acutely aware of how useful having a car is going to be.

Nevertheless, I’m still very excited for my first BBC production tomorrow! =D EEEE!


Let me know if you have any thoughts! :]

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