Post-Group Interview

So it turns out group interviews are fun! It had a few mini-stages:

1) a brief introduction of ourselves to the others – I got a little internally smug when it transpired I was the only one with a masters degree, so I apologise to the world for that!

2) we had to complete a self-assessment form which was surprisingly difficult to do. One of the questions asked what my greatest achievement in my current job was. There aren’t many when you’re serving tea to elderly couples so I answered that one poorly!

3) we were given a scenario and had to do a written exercise answering four questions about a service user and they’re needs/how I would support them. Unsure how I did on that, but I think not terribly

4) we were then each given a sheet with five scenarios which we had to discuss in a group. I had something to contribute to each problem, and I felt that my answers were quite good so fingers crossed.

All in all, it went quite well and I’m feeling pretty positive!


Let me know if you have any thoughts! :]

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