Generosity in the Music Business: Passenger is Breaking the Mould – IMPORTANT MESSAGE AT THE END!

I’m up to my old tricks of ignoring my blog, but I’ve just discovered something I think the world should know about.

Now, before I offend or upset anybody, I want to clarify that although I’ve never heard of anybody doing this before, I don’t believe that means they will never do it, or have never done it.

I, like many of you, see the music business as a money-grabbing industry where the heads of record labels get to keep a load of money, and it filters down through the company and everybody earns way more than they should (including the artists). I am disgruntled that people like firemen, teachers and the police are earning a pittance compared to many successful creative types, but that is a different issue.

After browsing Google Play today, however, I found that Passenger has released a new album called Whispers 2, as a follow-up to his previous success, Whispers. I LOVE Passenger, and I think that anybody who likes lyrics, singing, or melody should have a listen. What I was delighted to discover later in the day, however, was that he is giving ALL (yes, 100%) of the proceeds of this new album to a UNICEF cause he is particularly passionate about – helping children in danger in Liberia.

I am sharing this firstly because I think it is amazing that in this industry an artist is willing to do this, particularly one who is not extremely well known.

Secondly, and more importantly, this album is not being marketed. At all. Why? Because marketing and distribution cost money that he would rather donate to charity. Therefore, I urge you to buy this album, and if you like it, spread the word! This will not only help a great artist get recognition for his work, but it will also provide essential charity to those most in need.

You can buy the album from these retailers  (among others):

Google Play:

Passengers’ Website:

Let me know if you purchase a copy, and please share this post and this news about the album.

Gingernut x


Let me know if you have any thoughts! :]

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