Finding Balance

Love this post! It’s very important to remain healthy, but not at the expense of happiness. On the other hand, stuffing yourself with treats and only doing things you love is not always the healthiest option, and may not bring you happiness at all. Keeping fit and healthy has been proven to increase happiness, but there is always a limit to how much control you should put on yourself. Every person is different, so don’t let others pressure you into doing what they do. Live your own life, and own it!

yoga and doughnuts

People often comment on how “obsessed” I am – “always” going to the gym. I take at the most five classes per week. The classes are generally an hour long, add in time to go to and from the class, get dressed, etc – let’s say I spend ten hours per week on this obsession. Ten. Out of a potential 168 hours in the week. This seems like a pretty sad obsession if you ask me.

Maybe this isn’t politically correct, maybe this isn’t why you follow my blog. But I am really tired of apologizing for taking one hour out of my day. Tired of making excuses, brushing it off so people who don’t make the same decision can feel better about themselves. About their choices.

You don’t have to pepper your week with two-a-days. You don’t need to become a vegan and give up alcohol. I mean, you…

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