Perseid Meteor Shower Timelapse

After my attempt the previous night to get some photos of the Perseid Meteor Shower (see here) I thought that last night I might have better luck going somewhere with more open skies.

I took my trusty camera and tripod to the Carrs, a big park in the middle of my town with plenty of open sky. I was really hopeful when I arrived – the sky was clear, the sun was just setting and everything looked beautiful. At about midnight there was an absolutely beautiful meteor which really lit up the sky and left a trail for a good 20 seconds, but I didn’t get it on camera! :/ In the end I didn’t manage to get as many good shots as I wanted to (all of which are below, it’s a big post!) but I did get a couple. I’ve put them all together into this quick timelapse video 🙂

DSC_0096-2 DSC_0095-2 DSC_0094-2 DSC_0093-2 DSC_0092-2 DSC_0091-2 DSC_0090-2 DSC_0089-2 DSC_0088-2 DSC_0087-2 DSC_0086-2 DSC_0085-2 DSC_0084-2 DSC_0083-2 DSC_0082-2 DSC_0081-2 DSC_0080-2 DSC_0079-2 DSC_0078-2 DSC_0077-2 DSC_0076-2 DSC_0075-2 DSC_0074-2 DSC_0073-2 DSC_0072-2 DSC_0071-2 DSC_0144 DSC_0143 DSC_0142 DSC_0141 DSC_0140
DSC_0137 DSC_0136 DSC_0135 DSC_0134 DSC_0133 DSC_0132 DSC_0131 DSC_0130 DSC_0129 DSC_0128
DSC_0185 DSC_0184 DSC_0183 DSC_0182 DSC_0181 DSC_0180 DSC_0179 DSC_0178 DSC_0177 DSC_0174 DSC_0173 DSC_0172 DSC_0171 DSC_0170 DSC_0169 DSC_0168 DSC_0167 DSC_0166 DSC_0165 DSC_0164 DSC_0163 DSC_0158 DSC_0148 DSC_0147 DSC_0146 DSC_0145 DSC_0053 DSC_0052 DSC_0051 DSC_0050 DSC_0049DSC_0034 DSC_0026 DSC_0021

I took the one below by accident, and thought it looked kind of spooky!

If you guys managed to get any shots I’d love to see them!

Gingernut x


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  1. gonmrm says:

    Nice post you got there, love the photos! Visit my blog, maybe you’ll enjoy as much as I enjoyed yours! Cheers!


    1. Gingernut says:

      Thank u very much! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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