Job Hunting – The Saga!

hire meAlas, I’ve decided I really need to get myself a proper job. I’m not sure if I told you guys, but I was working as a support worker for teenagers with mental health problems. About a month into my role, I was told that the service was changing, and they would no longer be a mental heath service.

ErrrΒ what?! I literally ONLY JUST got this job!

It was quite the nightmare. They told me that I would have a position in the new service, but since then its been radio silence. Since the end of June I’ve been working as a freelance writer whilst looking for assistant psychologist jobs. Psychology is one of the most competitive fields, and there aren’t many assistant jobs going, so when they do pop up it’s like a thousand starving people all diving for the same scrap of bread. Only one is going to win. As I have very little experience of working with clinical populations, it’s very unlikely to be me.

I’ve been putting off applying to other jobs because I’m pretty awful when it comes to doing something I have no interest in. I’m no good at ‘making myself’. I believe work should bring you joy, not just something to complain about over the 10th glass of wine during a ‘quiet drink’. I think, however, that it’s time to bite the bullet. It’s the middle of August, I’ve heard nothing from this shiny new service, and there are literally NO jobs in psychology that anybody wants to give me. I’ve applied to a few content writer positions to stop all this freelance nonsense but nothing has come of that either.

Today was my first proper day of looking for a ‘random crappy job’ as I affectionately call it. I was actually pleasantly surprised when I came across an ‘Assistant TV Planner’ job, which involves helping companies to work out the best way to advertise their products on TV. I’d be using my psychological knowledge for evil, I know, but it’d pay the bills so what are you gonna do? Apart from that, however, it’s been pretty slim pickings. A medical receptionist and a trainee office admin job later, and I’m stuck. You’d think a girl with a masters degree might have a few decent marketable skills, but it turns out I’m not suitable for anything!

I am starting to think that my forseeable future involves furiously promoting myself for jobs I know I’m not really right for, over and over again, until somebody finally responds with a shake of the head and a pitying look on their face. With that thought in mind, I have something to say to those of you out there who think that graduates are lazy layabouts who just want to go back to uni:


I’m not very happy with the universe at the moment. Hopefully I’ll hear back from some of these applications soon, but until then, wish me luck on my job hunting!

I’ll keep you all updated on the saga, and I’d love to hear if any of you guys have been/are in a similar position!

Gingernut x


Let me know if you have any thoughts! :]

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