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The 28-inch Waist

I’m pretty sure if I’d ever followed my dream of going to drama school a very similar thing would have happened to me!

Lady Macbex

In my third year of drama school I took a load of phentermine and lost 15kg in 3 months. It was amazing and I felt amazing, aside from the constant dry mouth and occasional heart palpitation. I slept very little and organised all my books and sheet music into alphabetical order in the middle of the night. I was absolutely thrilled to be a size 10 for the first time since emerging from the womb. I bought my jeans from Topshop, which was a fucking milestone. I practically erected a monument to those jeans. For a while I weighed myself every Sunday, but only after taking a bunch of laxatives on a Saturday night. Then for a while I weighed myself every day. I measured my waist. A lot. At one point it measured 29.5 inches (still enormous to any naturally slight person, and by the media’s standards positively obese – but it was…

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