Acting Workshop

I’m on my way to an acting workshop. I’m quite nervous – one of the scenes we’ve had to learn involves a kiss, but I’ve never kissed anyone on screen before! It’s just a peck so hopefully it’ll be okay…

Silly nerves. Also need to make sure I don’t forget my lines, which is highly likely.



I really want to recommend Birdman to you all.

As you might be aware, the critics adore it. Usually, that doesn’t sway me too much, but for this, I totally agree and if I were you I would listen to you.

I can’t really believe how they filmed it. It is basically one long shot (although probably multiple stitched perfectly together), which might sound a bit tiresome and strange, but it really draws you in. It’s absolute genius!

It’s about a washed up actor who was known for ‘Birdman’ in his early career, and now he’s trying to establish himself as a serious theatre actor. It takes you on an emotional journey through the lives of all the people involved in the production, and in some ways it’s like a filmed play rather than a movie.

The acting is immense, really realistic and the characters are all very well rounded and sympathetic in their own ways.

You’ll have to watch it to know what I mean, so please do!

Science in the cinema

Just a quick one. If you’ve not seen The Imitation Game or The Theory of Everything, GO GO GO! They are both unmissable portrayals of brilliant men who changed the world, and are really worth a watch. Emotional, funny, brilliantly acted, they’ll make a killing during awards season!

Acting as a JOB, not a hobby

I got paid for a student film yesterday!

That’s basically the bulk of my post, but I also want to add that acting is a career for many people, not a hobby, and the fact that a lot of people think they can get away without paying their actors is ridiculous.

At the moment I’m building showreel footage, so at least I get that in return, but most of the time that’s all.

God bless the director of the film I did yesterday!

Nightmare: Applying to Acting Agencies

Let me know if any of you experience this problem:

I have always loved acting, but I also really like psychology. When debating what to do at uni, I decided to do Psychology because in order to be a Psychologist you need a degree – in order to be an actress you don’t. Or so I thought. I’ve finished my undergrad degree and masters, and I’m now trying to pursue acting full time because it’s what I love the most.

I’ve just sent off applications to about eight acting agencies around Manchester, but many of them want me to have a Spotlight membership. Without Spotlight you basically don’t exist in this industry (in the UK). The criteria for Spotlight, however, are either that you have been involved in ‘paid, professional work’ or you have been to an accredited Drama School.

I, clearly, have NOT been to an accredited drama school, AND I have had paid acting work but it doesn’t count because Spotlight have some exclusion criteria – one of them being Short Films don’t count.

So now I have a dilemma, because I don’t think I’ll be able to get an agent without being a member of Spotlight, I’m not currently eligible to be a member of Spotlight, and I won’t get any work which will help me to become eligible for Spotlight because I can’t get an agent!