Acting Workshop

I’m on my way to an acting workshop. I’m quite nervous – one of the scenes we’ve had to learn involves a kiss, but I’ve never kissed anyone on screen before! It’s just a peck so hopefully it’ll be okay… Silly nerves. Also need to make sure I don’t forget my lines, which is highly…


I really want to recommend Birdman to you all. As you might be aware, the critics adore it. Usually, that doesn’t sway me too much, but for this, I totally agree and if I were you I would listen to you. I can’t really believe how they filmed it. It is basically one long shot…

Science in the cinema

Just a quick one. If you’ve not seen The Imitation Game or The Theory of Everything, GO GO GO! They are both unmissable portrayals of brilliant men who changed the world, and are really worth a watch. Emotional, funny, brilliantly acted, they’ll make a killing during awards season!

Acting as a JOB, not a hobby

I got paid for a student film yesterday! That’s basically the bulk of my post, but I also want to add that acting is a career for many people, not a hobby, and the fact that a lot of people think they can get away without paying their actors is ridiculous. At the moment I’m…

Nightmare: Applying to Acting Agencies

I have been trying to become a professional actor for a long time now. I’ve just applied to loads of agencies, but some of them require Spotlight membership. This is impossible to get without having gone to an accredited drama school OR having paid professional work. I did a psychology degree, and can’t get paid professional work because I don’t have an agent. I’m stuck in a frustrating loop!