Masters Graduation

So I graduated today! My sister came down from London which was really nice, and my younger brother didn’t complain once. My older brother and dad didn’t focus too much on the work they were missing out on, and my mum didn’t make herself anxious by worrying that everyone was ok!

Awesome day!


Masters: Milestone

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my masters, mostly because I’ve been really busy with my masters, however I thought a quick update was in order.

We have reached a participant milestone – 30 out of 60! This is very exciting for us because we’ve been going for about two months, and only have 1 month left so we were getting a bit panicky. We also have about ten more people booked in between now and mid-July, and our supervisor says that if we get to 50 that should probably be enough.

Fingers crossed it all goes well for the next few weeks, and if you know anyone who lives in Manchester who might like to take part, tell them to contact me! 😉

Nearly There (Kind of)

I’m getting very excited.

In 3 days time, I’m going to be completely finished with exams…possibly forever! I’m not going to be finished with my masters — I still have the endless research project to complete — but the days of writing piles of revision cards is nearly over!

If I decide not to go on and do a DClinPsy, I will never again have to sit in an examination room!



I have some cool plans for the couple of weeks off I’m going to take after exams. I’m going paintballing for one thing. I’ve never done it before, I bruise like a beaten up peach, and I can’t wait! I’m also going to do lots of baking (I’ve got doughnuts on the brain currently) and possibly continue with a story I started writing a couple of years ago and never finished. If I’m feeling studious I might also write some of my dissertation, but that’s for future me to worry about.



Masters: The Penultimate Stretch




The dreaded time has finally arrived….exams!

Today was the deadline for our last two assignments, which thankfully I finished a couple of days ago 🙂

I’ve decided this year, my 9th year of seriously revising, to make my first ever revision timetable!

I have 3 exams, each 1 hour long (which I find insanely awesome):

1) 23rd May – Research Methods

2) 28th May – Mind and Body

3) 3rd June – Public Clinical and Health Psychology

This is probably the best exam timetable I’ve ever had — they’re all lovely and spread out and very short, and the exam format for each of them means I don’t have to revise the entire topic, just the stuff I’m most interested in 🙂

Alongside revision I’m having to do participant testing most days, so I thought a timetable would help me to organise my time a bit better. To tell the truth I’m also highly unmotivated for some reason, so I think a timetable will help to keep me on track!

Wish me luck 😉