Snowy Scenes in Stockport

Here in the UK the nation is currently freaking out about the snow. All of 1.5cm that I can see. Every winter I am baffled – Why can’t we prepare for this?!

Nevertheless, despite horrible train delays, school closures and broken boilers, I love the snow and could take photos of it forever. 

See below for a couple of mobile snaps ☺


The John Rylands Library – Manchester

I’m very into books at the moment. You might not have noticed because I’ve been neglecting my blog… lack of computer will do that to a girl! But I’ve finally got my ass in gear and downloaded the WordPress app; as a result I can show you my awesome weekend trip to John Rylands library in Manchester!

Photo quality is less than great, but it’s such a beautiful building I couldn’t help but share!

Home-Grown Potatoes!

As an Irish girl, I’m ashamed it’s taken me over a year of gardening before I tried growing potatoes. I’ve finally done it however, and I’ve just harvested my first crop!

wpid-wp-1439897297209.jpeg  wpid-imag0347.jpg

I used Albert Rooster potatoes which is why they are that lovely pinky red colour. I’m really excited to try them!