The John Rylands Library – Manchester

I’m very into books at the moment. You might not have noticed because I’ve been neglecting my blog… lack of computer will do that to a girl! But I’ve finally got my ass in gear and downloaded the WordPress app; as a result I can show you my awesome weekend trip to John Rylands library in Manchester!

Photo quality is less than great, but it’s such a beautiful building I couldn’t help but share!


The Beautician Knows Best!

I just had a wax, you know…down thuuur, and I was thoroughly chastised by the girl giving me my treatment. I’ve always had sensitive skin and a tendency towards ingrown hairs, but it’s been particularly bad this week. Pretty lumpy, but the lumps aren’t pretty.
She told me I need to exfoliate and I assured her that I had been, but apparently I’ve been doing it all wrong (who knew that was possible?)!

She encouraged me to buy exfoliating gloves to use alongside a sea salt scrub, and that I should do this every day until my next appointment, ignoring the first two days after treatment. Now, personally I feel that that is an awful lot of exfoliating for an area of the body no bigger than 4 square inches (random guess, I haven’t measured). Nevertheless, I always get the feeling this salon knows what it’s about. Their beauty therapists go through mega extensive training before they’re allowed to touch a client, so I’m going to take her advice.

I’ve purchased some shiny new products, so I’ll let you know how I get on!


I'm on a train, forgive the poor composition.

Gingernut x

Acting Workshop

I’m on my way to an acting workshop. I’m quite nervous – one of the scenes we’ve had to learn involves a kiss, but I’ve never kissed anyone on screen before! It’s just a peck so hopefully it’ll be okay…

Silly nerves. Also need to make sure I don’t forget my lines, which is highly likely.