The List by Patricia Forde is out TODAY

This is a great choice for fans of dystopian sci-fi novels who are looking for a unique concept. To read a comprehensive review of the novel, take a look here. You can get the novel from Amazon at this link. Gingernut x

Free Movie Scripts from Oscar Nominated Films

I’ve just come across a link to free film scrips for a boatload of movies nominated for Oscars this year, including Arrival, Manchester By The Sea and Captain Fantastic. Such an amazing resource, whether you’re a movie buff or an aspiring screenwriter. I highly recommend you get downloading 😀   Gingernut x

The List by Patricia Forde – Book Review

The List by Patricia Forde (Sourcebooks Jabberwocky) Review copy provided by Netgalley. Genres: Dystopian, Sci-fi, Drama, Futuristic RATING: 3/5   The Story In the city of Ark, speech is constrained to five hundred sanctioned words. Speak outside the approved lexicon and face banishment. The exceptions are the Wordsmith and his apprentice Letta, the keepers and archivists…

A Court of Mist And Fury

PLEASE READ THIS BOOK! ….But read the first in the series first, or else it’ll all be ruined for you. Romance, drama, action, warriors, magic – it has everything. A Court of Thorns and Roses – buy it now! Amazon I’m having the biggest book hangover. I literally cannot get it off my mind. UNPUTDOWNABLE. Third…

Clapway Collaboration

Hi guys, I’ve had a really exciting opportunity to become a collaborator with Clapway, a well-known science and technology news site! I have a new blog all about sciency things which I’ll be posting on many times a month, and I’d love it if you guys could give it a follow and a share. I’ll…