Decided to do some crazy eyes today! It’s a combination of a Barry M eye pencil, a Mua eye shadow and a Bedhead eye shadow 🙂

French Ponytail

This isn’t so much a tutorial as a ‘look how pretty!’ post, but I’ll give you a quick guide. I think this is a great hairstyle for a casual day out, where you want your hair away from your face but fancy a bit more glamour than the usual ponytail. You can add hairclips and…

Swanky Hair Trick Involving NO New Products or Skills

My mum has a friend who is constantly reading about all the new beauty trends and the best advice for looking your best. For the most part, I feel like what she reads is just a ploy to get unsuspecting people to spend hundreds of pounds on products that do nothing for you, but the…

Chunky Fishtail Plait

So, this isn’t actually a tutorial because I didn’t have time, but I wanted to show you my chunky fishtail plait because I think it’s pretty. I was going out with my boyfriend later in the day, so I have shown you that it’ll work for both a casual and a fancy occasion :]