Decided to do some crazy eyes today! It’s a combination of a Barry M eye pencil, a Mua eye shadow and a Bedhead eye shadow 🙂


French Ponytail

This isn’t so much a tutorial as a ‘look how pretty!’ post, but I’ll give you a quick guide.


I think this is a great hairstyle for a casual day out, where you want your hair away from your face but fancy a bit more glamour than the usual ponytail.

You can add hairclips and accessories to match your outfit, and it will work for most hairstyles.

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1) I began with my hair down, and took a small section from the front of my hair, on one side of my parting.

2) I started a french plait, which begins at my forehead and ends at my crown. Each strand needs to be tightly incorporated because later you will move the plait around slightly, and you don’t want random bumps and lumps occurring!

3) Make sure your french plait incorporates hair from your parting all the way to the bottom of your ear (there’s a lump of bone behind the ear which is a good marker for where to stop, and this makes the ponytail easier to put up for some reason)

4) Once you reach the crown of your head with the french plait, stop incorporating new hair, and finish the plait, tying it of at the bottom of the strands with a small bobble.

5) Using a small comb, carefully gather the hair around the plait, making sure you don’t tug on any strands involved in said plait, and create a ponytail near the crown of your head.

6) Make sure the plait is included in the ponytail, and tie with a bobble. At this point, you can add accessories to cover up the bobble, or use the section of plait which falls below the bobble, and wrap it around the top of the ponytail to hide the bobble.

If you give it a go, feel free to tell me what you think and send me some pics of your creation! :]

Swanky Hair Trick Involving NO New Products or Skills

My mum has a friend who is constantly reading about all the new beauty trends and the best advice for looking your best.

For the most part, I feel like what she reads is just a ploy to get unsuspecting people to spend hundreds of pounds on products that do nothing for you, but the other day my mum told me a trick to make your hair look and feel awesome. The best part was that it didn’t involve buying/making/trying anything new.

In order to get shiny, light and really healthy-looking hair all you need to do is…


Put your conditioner on first and then shampoo it out!


Yep, it really is that simple. By conditioning first and then shampooing, your hair gets the benefit of a moisturising mask (i’d leave it on for 3-5 minutes) but shampooing it out means your hair isn’t weighed down by excess product.

I tried this out myself as I’m really bad at getting conditioner out of my hair and it’s always feeling heavy and lifeless; it worked really well for me!

I hope it works for you too: if you give it a go, let me know what you think!


Chunky Fishtail Plait

So, this isn’t actually a tutorial because I didn’t have time, but I wanted to show you my chunky fishtail plait because I think it’s pretty.

I was going out with my boyfriend later in the day, so I have shown you that it’ll work for both a casual and a fancy occasion :]